Internship at Phytopecia!!

Hi, everyone! Happy summer ūüôā Once summer started, I came back to Korea, home sweet home. One of the toughest year in my entire life, Junior year has ended, and I have only a year till my high school career ends. I cannot wait. Before then, I think I’m going to be super busy due to many activities that I’m in charge of.¬†


The first week in Korea was relaxing. Little jet lagged and little tired, I spent a lot of time sleeping and reading books, which is exactly what I wanted. After exactly 7 days in Korea, today, I went to Phytopecia, the company at which¬†I am going to have my internship, to meet my supervisor Mr. Han who is the owner of Phytopecia. Though I usually blog on business and women related issues, I really think being knowledgeable and expert is key to succeed when one tries to launch a business. Business is different from other studies in that it does require other profession to acknowledge others’ need and satisfy those needs by selling goods. For me, I thought it would be good if become an expert on something that I’m interested in: Biology and Chemistry.¬†


The doctor in the company Phytopecia discovered the means of using P1P–Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate to cure hair loss, seemingly incurable skin disease, etc. I haven’t got to research every bit of information about P1P, but I’ll keep it posted as this internship is going to be my senior project!¬†


Though majority of the website is written in Korean, I will put the link of P1P website below: <<<




Met Sheryl Sandberg: Girls, it’s time for you to head up!

Just like other Fridays, I thought, July the 5th of 2013 would be no different. Only thing I could think of was me lying on my bed in the room with air conditioner on. The weather was damp and humid. I rushed myself to the subway station. But then I got a phone call from my mom that something unbelievable just happened. With excitement that she has a good news, she did say something miraculous : my role model Sheryl Sandberg is here, in Korea!

I immediately took a taxi to get to the bookstore where she was having an autograph event, but traffic interrupted me to fly over to the place. My¬†brain was no longer thinking about going back¬†home or a/c. My attention was¬†solely focused that I can meet my role model. omg‚ÄĒI don’t even know how many times I used this word a day.


  • the long line of people who want Sheryl’s autography

When I arrived at the bookstore, there was the long line of people coming out from all the way from the center of bookstore( apparently this book store is second biggest one in Korea! )

was the waiting worth it? Totally. While waiting for my turn, they hand out a sheet of paper. Sheryl’s assistant took a picture of people holding that paper with their dream, or what they want to achieve in the future. Of course, I wrote down my dream ‘a future business leader’ (a few days after, I got a Facebook message from my club advisor(business club) that she saw a pic that Sheryl posted on Sheryl’s website, my advisor was like ‘that looks very alike with Ashley..wait it is Ashley!”)


Sheryl Sandberg at the Ted talk: why we have too few female leaders

Sheryl Sandberg at the talk show about her book “Lean in”

First Failure? or First Success?

After all, Sally, the co-head of FBLA, and I worked on trying to get teachers involved in our project. We visited every single teacher who can drive toasters, mini bus, and they seemed hesitating at first.

“Hi, Mr.XX, my name is Ashley Hwang and this is Sally. We are the heads of FBLA. This year, our club is ¬†trying to fundraise for KIVA by relaunching area drive. This year students are suffering because all the area drives are gone, and whenver we need necessity for living, we have to pay expensive and dangerous cab to go out. ¬†If you are interested would you like to donate your love and time by driving toasters?”

Well, this was our brief script to persuade teachersРexcept the explanation of Kiva and FBLA was longer. We had to give each of them 5 minutes speech of what our plan is and whether they are interested. We understood some teachers would say no to it because it is such an energy consuming work for some of them. According to my mom, driving could be very concentration-requiring work because one mistake can lead to big accident. However, 16 out of 16 teachers said YES!! 

We were thrilled. It seemed like the plan was going really well. Sally and I went over to our club advisor’s office, and talked about how amazing this plan would end up. We started planning details such as how much money should collect from each student? How should we choose stations? etc.

Sometimes I chicken out prior to even trying it. I didn’t want to fail; I did not want to fall down, even though people told me it is O.K to fall. If the obstacle seemed bigger than my capability to overcome, I would just stay still and give up. This project, as well, looked not as bad as I thought, and I was POSITIVE that this plan would work. There is no fail for me!

However, unlike other teachers, the first word that came out from dean of student’s mouth was “no.” We spent the whole class period trying to persuade her; obviously, it did not work, and we fail to move on. She said, “I am very sorry, and I will take your effort as constructive criticism. And we will try to get more area drive.” CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM?! When she took the list of teachers who signed up and put them as area drive drivers, I was furious. Fury became as we talked more about the plan.

Sally and I walked out from the room with frustration and headed to AP Chemistry class together.

“Oh man.. I don’t know what to do now, Sally.”

“We will figure. Don’t worry about it Ashley.”

It was our club’s first try and failure. We were disappointed, frustrated and sad, but it’s okay. We felt how warm teachers’ hearts were and how warm the world is. We learned that whenever we need help or any part of community needs help, there is always someone who is willing to help us.

Oh, guess what! Since that week, we have area drive every weekend. We don’t have to live shampooless-ly anymore! Even though our plan was frustrated, our plan worked basically! HA!

Getting Area Drive Back Project: Toddling


In our school, boarding school in Connecticut, we used to have a system called “Area drive,” which the school provides trip to commons for those boarders who are not allowed to possess vehicles and don’t have means to go out to commons. Couple years ago, we had a driver John so he can drive students to commons four times a week, on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I wasn’t at this school during that time, so I don’t know what exactly it was like, but apparently nobody really appreciated that we have a such system.

The very next year,which was last year for me, the driver John left the school, and teachers brought the area drive back to school, but less often. Everyone seemed to be complaining, but nobody stood up for our rights to go out to commons. Area drive means more than just normal people think because it is not just the bus taking us to the commons for Starbucks, Chilies, and others, but only way to enjoy weekends outside of the school, school cafeteria, and school work. It seemed everyone settled down after certain amount of time, until they pretty much took away the area drive system.

IT’S GONE!: At the beginning of this year, we barely had area drive, and for more than a month we did not have area drive at all. People who were not willing to pay cab had no chance to go grocery shopping. One of my friends who experienced shampooless status for a month said:

It took me a month to get my shampoo because there was no area drive to commons

How sad is that! We needed it. Someone needed to stand up for it, but nobody was willing to take such a hard task. After all that suffering, FBLA decided to voice up. We, FBLA, was going to get our area drive back!!



Starting FBLA Chapter at my High school!


If it’s too late to introduce myself, my name is Ashley, and I go to school in CT, USA. I thought it’s too clich√© having first post as introducing myself, the blog poster (not that I forgot introduce myself!!). It has been a week since my junior life has started, and it’s been pretty good so far. Well, if I would describe this week in one word, I would like to say “bizarre”. Everyone even whom I have never seen her doing homework pulled the sleeves all the way up to get her work done. I know it is not going to be easy this year, but I am going to have more fun and exciting things as well.


First event, and one of major goal for this year is starting a new chapter of FBLA in this school. I have done a lot of work relating to FBLA&K work with friends back in Korea, but I also wanted to let classmates, faculties, and the whole school know about this amazing group FBLA. Even I doubted myself starting a brand-new group at the school  when I was planning to start this group friends sought me with incredulity. 

Honestly, I had never thought that I would do this crazy thing like this at my high school! When I first asked my teachers around, I was full of worry and hesitation because I thought they would be not interested enough or too busy to advise new group. But I misunderstood altogether. As soon as I asked my teacher, who eventually became the advisor of FBLA, was more than welcoming this new club. I have more stories when I was getting ready for the club, but I will talk about it later on. Even though I was little bird in the nest in the begging, here I am, as a head of club, about to leave the harbor with a ship full of FBLA crews. 

My plan now is to advertise to the students and teachers! We have this meeting called morning meeting every Monday and Friday for 15 mins, so I’m probably going to stand up there and present about the new club! woot woot I’m very excited!!!!




Hi everyone! It has been long time since I attended to Youtheca expo. 

The result came out couple days ago, and guess what? WE WON THE AWARD! Image


After expo, several students acquired if they can start new chapter of FBLA. The answer is yes: Of course, FBLA is always open to everyone. Also, I am very thankful to everyone for helping and supporting FBLA&K at the expo. It was AMAZING experience for me and other club members, and it does encourage me a lot to start a new club, FBLA, next year. 


you can find some pictures of us.