Internship at Phytopecia!!

Hi, everyone! Happy summer 🙂 Once summer started, I came back to Korea, home sweet home. One of the toughest year in my entire life, Junior year has ended, and I have only a year till my high school career ends. I cannot wait. Before then, I think I’m going to be super busy due to many activities that I’m in charge of. 


The first week in Korea was relaxing. Little jet lagged and little tired, I spent a lot of time sleeping and reading books, which is exactly what I wanted. After exactly 7 days in Korea, today, I went to Phytopecia, the company at which I am going to have my internship, to meet my supervisor Mr. Han who is the owner of Phytopecia. Though I usually blog on business and women related issues, I really think being knowledgeable and expert is key to succeed when one tries to launch a business. Business is different from other studies in that it does require other profession to acknowledge others’ need and satisfy those needs by selling goods. For me, I thought it would be good if become an expert on something that I’m interested in: Biology and Chemistry. 


The doctor in the company Phytopecia discovered the means of using P1P–Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate to cure hair loss, seemingly incurable skin disease, etc. I haven’t got to research every bit of information about P1P, but I’ll keep it posted as this internship is going to be my senior project! 


Though majority of the website is written in Korean, I will put the link of P1P website below: <<<




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