Met Sheryl Sandberg: Girls, it’s time for you to head up!

Just like other Fridays, I thought, July the 5th of 2013 would be no different. Only thing I could think of was me lying on my bed in the room with air conditioner on. The weather was damp and humid. I rushed myself to the subway station. But then I got a phone call from my mom that something unbelievable just happened. With excitement that she has a good news, she did say something miraculous : my role model Sheryl Sandberg is here, in Korea!

I immediately took a taxi to get to the bookstore where she was having an autograph event, but traffic interrupted me to fly over to the place. My brain was no longer thinking about going back home or a/c. My attention was solely focused that I can meet my role model. omgI don’t even know how many times I used this word a day.


  • the long line of people who want Sheryl’s autography

When I arrived at the bookstore, there was the long line of people coming out from all the way from the center of bookstore( apparently this book store is second biggest one in Korea! )

was the waiting worth it? Totally. While waiting for my turn, they hand out a sheet of paper. Sheryl’s assistant took a picture of people holding that paper with their dream, or what they want to achieve in the future. Of course, I wrote down my dream ‘a future business leader’ (a few days after, I got a Facebook message from my club advisor(business club) that she saw a pic that Sheryl posted on Sheryl’s website, my advisor was like ‘that looks very alike with Ashley..wait it is Ashley!”)


Sheryl Sandberg at the Ted talk: why we have too few female leaders

Sheryl Sandberg at the talk show about her book “Lean in”

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