Getting Area Drive Back Project: Toddling


In our school, boarding school in Connecticut, we used to have a system called “Area drive,” which the school provides trip to commons for those boarders who are not allowed to possess vehicles and don’t have means to go out to commons. Couple years ago, we had a driver John so he can drive students to commons four times a week, on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I wasn’t at this school during that time, so I don’t know what exactly it was like, but apparently nobody really appreciated that we have a such system.

The very next year,which was last year for me, the driver John left the school, and teachers brought the area drive back to school, but less often. Everyone seemed to be complaining, but nobody stood up for our rights to go out to commons. Area drive means more than just normal people think because it is not just the bus taking us to the commons for Starbucks, Chilies, and others, but only way to enjoy weekends outside of the school, school cafeteria, and school work. It seemed everyone settled down after certain amount of time, until they pretty much took away the area drive system.

IT’S GONE!: At the beginning of this year, we barely had area drive, and for more than a month we did not have area drive at all. People who were not willing to pay cab had no chance to go grocery shopping. One of my friends who experienced shampooless status for a month said:

It took me a month to get my shampoo because there was no area drive to commons

How sad is that! We needed it. Someone needed to stand up for it, but nobody was willing to take such a hard task. After all that suffering, FBLA decided to voice up. We, FBLA, was going to get our area drive back!!



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