Starting FBLA Chapter at my High school!


If it’s too late to introduce myself, my name is Ashley, and I go to school in CT, USA. I thought it’s too cliché having first post as introducing myself, the blog poster (not that I forgot introduce myself!!). It has been a week since my junior life has started, and it’s been pretty good so far. Well, if I would describe this week in one word, I would like to say “bizarre”. Everyone even whom I have never seen her doing homework pulled the sleeves all the way up to get her work done. I know it is not going to be easy this year, but I am going to have more fun and exciting things as well.


First event, and one of major goal for this year is starting a new chapter of FBLA in this school. I have done a lot of work relating to FBLA&K work with friends back in Korea, but I also wanted to let classmates, faculties, and the whole school know about this amazing group FBLA. Even I doubted myself starting a brand-new group at the school  when I was planning to start this group friends sought me with incredulity. 

Honestly, I had never thought that I would do this crazy thing like this at my high school! When I first asked my teachers around, I was full of worry and hesitation because I thought they would be not interested enough or too busy to advise new group. But I misunderstood altogether. As soon as I asked my teacher, who eventually became the advisor of FBLA, was more than welcoming this new club. I have more stories when I was getting ready for the club, but I will talk about it later on. Even though I was little bird in the nest in the begging, here I am, as a head of club, about to leave the harbor with a ship full of FBLA crews. 

My plan now is to advertise to the students and teachers! We have this meeting called morning meeting every Monday and Friday for 15 mins, so I’m probably going to stand up there and present about the new club! woot woot I’m very excited!!!!


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